Dr.LM Pretorius

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Why Choose Us

Dr Pretorius is a specialist orthodontist with more than 32 years experience, maintaining a high standard of excellence in personalised care that enables him and his team to provide the quality services that patients require and deserve.

We are the preferred professional team to do your or your child’s orthodontic treatment as we can be trusted and have a passion for the work we do. To us you are more than teeth! Our patients are special individuals and are treated as such. We have thousands of happy patients and have become the trusted orthodontic practice of choice. This is reflected in the testimonials received as well as our “before and after” treatment photos.

Our patients are loyal, hence their referrals of their own family and friends to share the experience and special bond formed with us.

Orthodontic treatment with us changes your life and our patients walk away not only with a super smile, but as friends with a new self-image, youthful appearance and a feeling of superiority that everybody admires.


Our well-situated practice is close to major schools and main roads and provides a warm homely environment. Delicious hot drinks and plasma screen entertainment are on offer in our reception. Never too hot, cold, or dark! We have air conditioning throughout the practice, a generator for power outages as well as a well-equipped laboratory on our premises to ensure custom-made appliances.

Not all orthodontic treatment results are the same! Dr Pretorius’s patients are guaranteed a customized treatment plan and the latest technology self-ligating appliances that provide more precise and faster results than conventional orthodontic methods. For patients, this means fewer in-office visits and exceptional results.  Our underlying treatment philosophy is to treat without the extraction of teeth whenever possible. Dr Pretorius personally attends to each patient at every visit.

Our well trained clinical team continuously receives ongoing training to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, treatment techniques as well as customer service excellence. All of them adore children and will enfold you or your child with love and affection throughout the entire process. A spiritual coach continuously works with the team to enhance team work and to ensure that everyone optimizes their strengths. We are committed to service excellence and outstanding results! The cheerfulness of the team rubs off on our patients and we are often complimented on how well our staff works together, the attention to personal detail and the overall atmosphere in the practice. Patients may forget certain details of their treatment but they will never forget how special the team made them feel.

Dr Pretorius and his team are always available and committed to open, clear and timely communication with patients, parents and referring doctors. Three specially equipped private consultation rooms ensure that continuous updates shall be provided to you by Dr Pretorius personally or one of the team members on treatment progress. Questions and concerns regarding orthodontic care are addressed most professionally and are welcomed to enable us to progressively better our service to patients.

What makes us even more unique is that we are part of only a few orthodontists that use the American Dolphin Management program, which enables us to deliver unequalled orthodontic care and treatment. This specialised program puts us on a level of our own for the following reasons:

Our practice is practically paperless with all patient files stored and available on all 18 workstations in the practice. This also enables Dr Pretorius and his team to immediately send out an e-mail or sms to parents whilst the patient is still seated in the chair. Progress reports and instructions can also be communicated to parents in this manner.
Our appointments are electronically scheduled and can be managed on all 18 workstations in all departments, throughout the practice.
Our patient flow can be managed and we pride ourselves on the fact that patients are attended to timeously.
Our patient records and information are stored and retrieved at record speed resulting in optimal patient flow, time management and effective communication.

You will find our finance department understanding and approachable. We offer you flexible payment options to make your orthodontic experience financially comfortable with interest free payment plans. In our practice you receive much more than what you pay for.

You may ask yourself the question: “What can I buy my child that will always be worth more than just the financial value?” The best possible education? The best possible appearance or look? Orthodontic treatment is not a cost, it’s a lifetime investment.

We look forward to serving you as you allow us to take care of your orthodontic needs.

You are never fully dressed without a smile.

There will always be someone who advertises cheaper, faster easier orthodontics. Our mission and purpose is to make sure that they never do a better job than us.

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