Dr.LM Pretorius

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Initial Visit and Examination 


Orthodontic treatment is unknown to every new patient and they do not know what to expect.

To make your first visit with us an enjoyable and positive experience, we shall explain the process to you step by step.

Initial Visit and Examination:

Your first visit to the office of Dr Pretorius affords you the opportunity to get questions answered and discuss your concerns.  It allows Dr Pretorius  to make a preliminary evaluation and recommend if and when treatment is necessary.

This important visit will provide us with insight into your orthodontic needs and enables you to make an informed decision.

Our bubbly receptionist and our compassionate team will assist in making your first orthodontic experience a memorable one in the most luxurious way with a nice cup of hot chocolate and cookies from our coffee bar to top it all.

It will be a privilege for us to have you as our patient and we are always very excited to embark on an orthodontic journey with our new patients.

Should treatment be necessary, a full examination (diagnostic evaluation) will be done or alternatively an appointment can be scheduled.  This includes intra- and extra-oral photographs, x-rays and study models.