Dr.LM Pretorius

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Periodic Visits 

This is your big day because you get your braces and it is also the first day of the creation of your super smile.

Most commonly, fixed braces consist of brackets placed individually on each tooth and are connected by an arch wire.  The wires apply light pressure to each tooth while the brackets are the handles that transmit the force to the tooth.

After your braces are placed, we will have a full discussion with you explaining all future procedures and giving you oral hygiene instructions as well. Just for being such a terrific patient lying still for about an hour and a half, we will treat you to a burger and beverage of your choice.

During the treatment Dr Pretorius will periodically make adjustments to maintain the directional pressure required to continue the movement of the teeth. Orthodontics uses a system of directional forces to achieve facial balance and tooth movement.

Regularly scheduled appointments are an important part of any orthodontic treatment.  Generally, Dr Pretorius will need to see you every 10-12 weeks to check your progress and make adjustments to your braces.  Keeping regularly scheduled orthodontic appointments increase the chances of an optimal outcome to your orthodontic treatment.

Your orthodontic treatment is a team approach that involves you, your orthodontist, and your dentist.