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Giving Back

Being involved in our community is very important to our practice.  As a team we strive to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.  The smallest of gestures can make the biggest difference in another person’s life.  Sometimes we have a picnic at a children’s home or just deliver tins of cookies to people in the old age home.  To us every little deed to warm another person’s heart even if just for an hour or a day, counts!

We get involved with our community on many different levels.  Some of the needs were brought to our attention and sometimes we just stumbled upon a situation which we felt we could not ignore and just walk past.   We had fun doing so as will be evident from the pictures and recapturing of events below.

Emmers vol Liefde:

Dr Pretorius donated 70 sweet packets to the charity “Emmers vol liefde” for their annual Christmas party. Our wish is that every child will experience Jesus’ unconditional love during the festive season.

Mandela Day:

On the 18th of July, our practice donated several buckets filled with non-perishable food items to the less fortunate residents of Jack Cotton & President Flats.  Being able to participate in a project where we could help our neighbourly peers, even just for one day, was a privilege and a definite heart-warming experience.  Mandela once said, “It is in your hands to make of the world a better place”.  Even the smallest deeds can make a world’s difference.  Let us continue to help each other in whichever way we can, and let the Madiba Legacy continue to shine bright in our hearts, reminding us to make the world a better place.

Care packages for the Elderly:

Communities are often so busy with their own, very busy schedules that society tends to forget the elderly, who are even sometimes neglected.

For this reason our Practice has donated twenty four care packages to an organisation who distributes these gifts over the festive season to the elderly in old age homes in and around our community.

Cupcakes for kids with cancer:

What is National Cupcake Day for kids with Cancer?  Their aim is to raise awareness and funds for children in need of medical assistance through their love of baking.  Our Practice baked and donated 320 cupcakes to Clearwater Mall this year, and helped to raise R2 065 807.00

Santa Shoebox Project:

We opened our hearts to the giving spirit of Christmas.  We donated shoeboxes filled with gifts to the Santa Shoebox Project.  May this small gesture light the hearts of children. Follow the link to get involved:  www.santashoebox.co.za

Labour for Christ:                                                                                                                                                                    In order to keep our team spiritually equipped, Johnny Young from Labour for Christ serves us with uplifting messages from the Word once a month. This enables us to stay alert to the need of others and to serve as Jesus would do.


One Christmas we had a traditional Christmas dinner with about 12 residents from the Môreglans old age home. What an unbelievable visit this was!  From the main course through to dessert we sat and chatted around the table.  Afterwards gifts were exchanged and we indulged in stories from the olden days.

Bethany House Trust

We took toddlers 3 years and younger from House Bethany to Dr Pretorius’s garden for a treasure hunt.  The little one’s gathered their treasure in little buckets with the help of the personnel.  Afterwards they enjoyed themselves thoroughly with hotdogs and cold drinks.   Those little hands around your neck saying thank you will be a memory for everyone to treasure for a lifetime.

Day Spa

The practice spoiled a couple of ladies from the community with a spa-day.  We coloured and cut their hair and gave them facials, manicures and pedicures.  The pampering was concluded with coffee and lovely treats.


Several households in our community have been supported by the practice and were supplied with beds, food, school clothes, and stationery.  The practice often takes the needs of students into consideration and supports them by paying for their studies and giving them pocket money. Four of these students have already obtained their degrees.

Matric Farewell

A need was brought to our attention by local schools that some Matric learners were unable to attend their Matric Farewell due to the fact that they were not able to afford the costs involved.  We arranged everything for the pupils, hairdos, make-up, nails, shoes, dresses, suits, perfume as well as luxury transport to the occasion.  Over the years we tried to make this an unforgettable event for numerous pupils.

Moreglans Old Age Home

Ten residents of Môreglans old age home were taken out for a light lunch at Little Miss Muffin.  We laughed at all their stories and enjoyed their company to bits.  They appreciated the company and gifts tremendously.  Just the thought of having an outing made them so excited and the gratitude they displayed afterward made it clear that this was a highlight in their lives.

On Valentine’s day, we took cupcakes to Môreglans old age home to fill their day with sweetness and love.  The management of the old age home took care of the entertainment which included live music and good conversation.

Yusuf Dadoo Children’s Ward

We visited the children’s ward of Yusuf Dadoo Hospital. We handed every little patient a backpack full of surprises as well as a blanket and a toy.  We did not forget the parents and spoiled them with KFC. Everybody enjoyed the afternoon and it was our privilege to help the patients and parents forget about their aches and pains for a while.  The practice also gave the hospital a DVD player as well as DVDs to keep the little patients busy while they are recovering.

Jollige Jakkers Nursery School

We were involved for a while with Jollige Jakkers Nursery School in    West Krugersdorp.  During the duration of this project we delivered groceries to the school every two months.  We also did repairs and maintenance on the building, like painting walls, repairing kitchen cabinets, replacing toilet seats, doors and gutters.  We also upgraded the play area for the children.  A special photo day was arranged by our personnel during which we helped the children dress up and taking photos of them.  The personnel also decorated the boundary walls with pictures.  We also made 120 mattress covers for the matrasses the children use to nap on in the afternoon.  Our personnel also attended the yearly prize-giving ceremonies and were amazed by the children’s growth and progress everytime.

We want to invite you to become involved with us.  To feel the warmth that is spread through reaching out.  Contact us should you wish to become involved in our community projects.  This way we can have a greater impact.  Let us fight the pain of neglect, less fortunate events, need, hunger, cold and loneliness together!   Show other people that everyone deserves love and care!
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